Friday, 4 March 2011

New lion & caracal cubs

On our last tour we had the pleasure of meeting Judith, Davina & Brian from Australia; Gunmai, Kent & Magnus from Sweden and Ivan & Lucille from USA. This was Judith's ‘Birthday present holiday’ to herself and she said she will never forget the Elephants enjoying a ‘mud-bath’ while we were on a game drive. See pictures below and you might understand why!
Are you sure mom???

Let me see...

...this is nice

Can we stay here??? 

In addition we had the pleasure of walking with 2 new lion cubs, 1 teenager caracal & 4 almost grown up cheetahs. One of the lion cubs especially enjoyed Judith’s wheelchair. She confided in me that the night before she spilt some wine on her armrest and that the lion cub started purring after the tasteful encounter :)

Jessica is now casually walking out of 'her river' and drinking her tea on land where you can see her full 'might'! How often can you study a hippo so close up!

Gunmai, Kent & Magnus said they will be back and hopefully enjoy our Garden Route tour the second time around :)

So join us for your adventure of a lifetime!

-Alfie and Sabine

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