Thursday, 21 October 2010

Where the Buffalo roam, Lions are not far behind !

Epic’s October Kruger Park group was made up of 2 returning clients – Anna Jackson who brought her lovely Mother, Sue with her to experience the Africa she had so enjoyed before. Anna’s previous ‘fellow’ tour member Anne Larkin from New Zealand also decided to join the tour for a 2nd time as well!  Newcomers Andy & Julia Gower from the UK celebrated their wedding anniversary in Cape Town - Congratulations!, Ramon & Joke Sunder from Holland and Elisabeth Schyum from Sweden.

They had the amazing experience of a herd of 1000+ African Buffalo, which were being followed by a pride of 12 African lions – picture this scene, the huge 1.5 metre animals weighing approximately 750kg, all thundering en masse. The Leo Panthera (Lion), the supreme creatures, in a group of 12 were magnificent to watch. 
Our Group came upon this event late in the day and as the buffalos were aware of their followers, there was no immediate action. The lions know that the buffalos are not to mess around with, unless it is a surprise! But the lions did not give up so easily and were waiting for their chance…
Another special animal for visitors to see is the Leopard – that elusive spotted Cat, Panthera Pardus, as is typical of their behaviour to lie up during the day, and hunt at night. It was on a night drive that the Leopard was “spotted” …….

All in all, the Group was lucky again to see the Big 5, which is always a great thrill for everyone. Of course, the sighting of all wild animals and birds in their natural habitat is a thrill, and a memory never to be forgotten.

It was unseasonably hot for October in the Kruger Park, which seems to fit the fact that 2010 has been the hottest year in recorded history since temperatures etc have been logged!

-Alfie and Sabine