Tuesday, 4 March 2008

'97 tour member Anders catches up with Epic!

Dear Sabine and Alfie,
in '97 my sister and I from Denmark had the great fortune to participate on your tour (No p*ssy tour) from Cape Town to Vic. Falls. You might remember us as I was the one who chickened out jumping at the Zambezi...

Anyway, since then my left leg has been amputated due to cancer...which I have had for 10 years now. And for the first time since '97 I just googled your company and it really put a smile on my lips to see photos of both of you again...and to see your "new" Epic Enabled!!
Whenever I think back at my abilities before the amputation, going down and up Fish River Canyon on your tour always comes to mind. I probably couldn't do that today...but why would anyone want to do that more than once anyway ;-)So I just cherish what I did do then and now just continue to travel the world in my own new way...and no amputation or cancer can ever stop me from this.
From someone who only knew you before Epic Enabled I thank you for reaching out and helping ALL of us see this beautiful world...cause regardless of limbs and physical abilities we are all brought to be peace by beauty.

I hope this email finds both of you well and in good spirit.

Take good care!!