Monday, 29 August 2011

Ozmate on tour with Epic Enabled

The Ozmate 'family' what a great group. NO WORRIES :)

Peter & Sharon with their kids Ben, Adam & Matilda
John & Coral Clements, Carol Clarke, Christopher Sach, Peter Mackay, Bruce Gardiner, Colin Davis, Ken Walters, Daniel Ellis & Brendan O'Meara

-Alfie and Sabine

Monday, 8 August 2011

French Group - APF Evasion

Our largest group yet :)
16 Frenchmen & women arrived on the 22 July in Cape Town with not really knowing what to expect.
Our Epic Guest House was admired by all and we enjoyed the 1st evening here getting to know each other. Our translator Michel did a great job communicating.
Table Mountain was unfortunately closed due to renovations, but Cape Point and the Penguin colony was a wonderful day. 

The Waterfront was another liked destination with lots of shopping :)
The Kruger safari was a great success with lots of animal interactions and special memories.