Friday, 31 October 2008

ROcktober happenings on tour

Hello again travellers & travellers-to-be! Welcome to the October edition of our blog - what a tour this month, what happenings!
On tour:
Audrey Wicks - UK
Sam Challenger & Adele Sandison - UK & Zimbabwe
Marja Gelderman & Ans Heykoop - Netherlands
Pierre & Yvonne van den Boomen - Netherlands

This was also Kate's first taste of an Epic journey - she joined Alfie on tour to find out what real hard work is all about!
Our 8 day Kruger tour from 23 - 30 October was full of surprises, something special happening every day, with gorgeous weather and beautiful summer was a true adventure...

- rare sighting of a male leopard, father of Amanza (see our April 2nd blog)
- Becky the elephant's 1st daughter awaits the arrival of her new sibling!
- a female white rhino & her calf approach our vehicle close enough to get a good smell...

- 3 male lions feeding on a rare black rhino
- a large male lion leading us to a female and cubs on 2 consecutive days. Upon closer inspection on the 2nd day we saw 7 cubs which led us to believe there was another female nearby. Indeed there was - further up along the river bank came another female with a small cub following close behind!
- 2 female & 1 male lion feeding on a giraffe, also on 2 other consecutive days
Other happenings:
4 large hyenas on the prowl at dusk
- a crocodile taking a vervet monkey
- an elephant pushing a tree over
Classic moments on tour:

Sam realises how hard it is to pound meal for 2-3 hours straight...
Mafunyani Cultural Village
Tshukudu Game Reserve
...and finds that it's only a little bit easier talking to a lion cub... does Marja the cat lover... seems they loved her too!
Akila & Prince show Pierre & the group where the good game viewing is...

Jessica is doing well, as is Savannah who came to meet us & then promptly strutted off to find herself some lunch...

Thank you all for the good times
After the Kruger tour Audrey, Marja & Ans joined us for tours of Cape Town, staying in style with us at The Blue Tangerine.
It was great to meet you all - we really hope you can visit us and our beautiful country again...
-Kate, Sabine & Alfie
This month also saw the return of Jan & Keith Parsley who came on our 8 day Kruger tour in May last year. This year they have joined us in Cape Town for a tour of our city while letting us pamper them at The Blue Tangerine, as well as taking a tour of the magnificent Garden Route with us. Stay tuned for their stories & photos!...