Friday, 8 February 2008

"Do you know my mum" tour!

Epic's 1st Kruger Safari in 2008 - "Do you know my mum" Tour! We started on the 17 January with 11 clients from UK, Netherlands & Hungary and returned back from the Kruger on the 24 January as friends.

Strangers first this the end???

No - we are best friends ;-)

Koene & Jacoba - (Netherlands)

Michael, Rob & Amy - (UK)

Lorraine, Guy, Don & Celia - (UK)

Mike & Eva - (Hungary)

Koene, Jacoba, Lorraine, Guy, Mike and Eva added another couple of days at the end of the safari to visit the beautiful Cape Town as well. They all had a great time and promised to post some of their highlights of the tour when they are back home! So keep watching for new comments and photos!

Until soon :-)
Posted by Sabine & Alfie - Epic Enabled