Monday, 22 June 2009

Day of the Predators

Our latest tour saw Mary Pearce, Kate Allen, Sharon Warr and Michael Kearns, all from the UK, joining us on yet another Epic adventure, and this month the Kruger Park had much to offer! It seemed that besides the almost routine wonders experienced on our tours and the sighting of the Big Five, Africa’s great predators were also out in full force this month.

The highlight of this carnivorous expedition was the very rare sighting of an actual leopard kill. Not only is this exciting almost as elusive as the stealthy cat itself, but this was a very first for us too! Nothing excites us more than experiencing the amazement and discovering something new with our friends on tour.

As if following a trail, we also encountered a pack of hyenas gorging themselves on a hippo carcass at a water hole – gruesome and somewhat spine chilling, but fascinating nonetheless to watch nature’s macabre cleanup crew.

The final highlight of this tour was the King himself at feast – two lions and their large meal for the day – a fallen giraffe.

Africa certainly showed its wild side this June!

On another note, Savannah's cubs have grown quite fast, as seen above :)