Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Season's Greetings from sunny Cape Town

Escape the Ice-cold European winter and enjoy X-mas in sunny and warm Cape Town @ www.epic-guesthouse.com - you deserve it!

We wish you a peaceful Festive Season and a Prosperous 2011.
Epic Enabled & Epic Guest House
Alfie, Sabine, Beryl, Leonard & Charles

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Dinner @ Epic Guest House

We managed to get a some great people together for dinner @ Epic Guest House on the 10 December 2010:

Hannes & Karin Coetzee (Disabled Travel), Peter & Karen Key (SAfm - Disability Report), Sally Grierson (Cape Point Routes), Alfie & Sabine (Epic Guest House), Barbara, Beryl, Gerald & Monika

Some of their comments: 
Karin Coetzee (Disabled travel): We have spent a great weekend at the amazing, accessible Epic Guest House in Noordhoek, where all four the rooms and bathrooms cater for people in wheelchairs  - probably the only one in SA!

Sally Grierson - Cape Point Route:
Thank you so much for a wonderful evening on Friday – was great to meet you all and experience the guesthouse and the delicious dinner (and breakfast!) 

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Epic Guest House video!

Jan & Hanneke, from http://vakantie-gehandicapten.blogspot.com, stayed with us at the Epic Guest House from the 19 - 25 November and did some great video recordings for us! Thank you so much!!!
Here are the great shots of our Epic Guest House:

Just click on the arrow to play the video :) 

-Alfie and Sabine

Saturday, 27 November 2010

November 2010 …….. can this really be possible? So 2011 is around the corner already!

Judging from our November Kruger Park clients’ comments, it seems they were able to forget how fast time moves these days, leave their regular lives behind, and soak up every bit of their Bush holiday.

Ruud, Roos & Nine from Holland wrote: “This was a very, very cool vacation we all liked it. You are really in the bush and very close to the animals. And Alfie and other people are very good in explaining a lot of things about the animals. We learnt a lot. We also like the houses were we slept. A really African interior and it was wheelchair friendly. And the food was really nice! Alfie cooks fantastically and he helps you a lot.
In 3 words: A GREAT HOLIDAY!!!”

It’s so wonderful when clients enjoy the Wildlife during the tour – it’s not too often one sees Wild Dog and Hyena with their cubs, a real treat. 

Sandra & Keith from the UK said: “Tour Highlights: for both of us meeting and interacting with the cheetahs was amazing!
The whole tour start to finish was brilliant. Alfie is a great tour guide and the way he deals with the handicapped members of the group is fantastic.
The Kruger Park game drives were great. We saw Wild-dog, Lions, Elephants, White Rhino, Warthogs, a Lion with kill, Hyena with cubs, Giraffe, Buffalo, and the list goes on……
The second part of the tour at Tshukudu, where we spent the time on game drives, interacting with different animals like the cheetahs and a tour to see the leopard and lion which was amazing.
Tshukudu camp itself is a beautiful place.   *EXCELLENT* ”

Alfie’s food is very popular according to the clients, so we see him as the Bush Chef of note …..as Debbie & Colin from the UK write:
“Highlights: Spending time with such lovely people and see so much amazing wildlife.
We have been on some wonderful holidays but nothing compares to this. The whole system worked perfectly, from the minute we were met a the airport, the welcome, the accommodation, the wildlife we saw, the places we visited and the wonderful people we met and hopefully will stay in touch with long after the holiday ends. The most amazing encounters with king cheetah, caracal and lion at such close range will stay with us for ever. Alfie was so organized & efficient and his food was great.”

The maxim of “If you think you can’t do it, think again” has to be the most rewarding feedback, Margaret & Wendy from the UK tell us:  “Highlights: Everything, animals, staff, fantastic experience, great bunch of travellers.
Whatever your disability you can do everything on this holiday beyond your wildest dreams. If you think you can’t do it, think again. If you aren’t disabled it is an inspirational holiday!”

Jan & Hanneke from Holland write: “Highlights: An elephant pushing over a tree, a baby elephant almost entering Tshukudu coming to check out me in my wheelchair

Just a short notice to tell you guys we are back in Holland.

Jan is very busy making your movie from the guesthouse. It will take a few days before he is finished. I am busy writing on my Blog (http://vakantie-gehandicapten.blogspot.com/) about our experience and have mentioned your name and both your websites.
We have had a perfect holiday. We loved South Africa and being with you guys. To see how you run tours and the guesthouse. Everyone has his own way of doing things but you take the effort to make guests feel at ease and at home. You do a hell of a job. So thank you very much for this perfect stay in South Africa.
In case you would like stay with us in the future just let us know. You are welcome at all times. And we like to meet you guys again in the future wherever this will be.
Regards, Hanneke and Jan”

What a lovely mix of travellers together on our November trip – Thank you all for enjoying Epic Enabled’s & Epic Guesthouse’s hospitality

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Where the Buffalo roam, Lions are not far behind !

Epic’s October Kruger Park group was made up of 2 returning clients – Anna Jackson who brought her lovely Mother, Sue with her to experience the Africa she had so enjoyed before. Anna’s previous ‘fellow’ tour member Anne Larkin from New Zealand also decided to join the tour for a 2nd time as well!  Newcomers Andy & Julia Gower from the UK celebrated their wedding anniversary in Cape Town - Congratulations!, Ramon & Joke Sunder from Holland and Elisabeth Schyum from Sweden.

They had the amazing experience of a herd of 1000+ African Buffalo, which were being followed by a pride of 12 African lions – picture this scene, the huge 1.5 metre animals weighing approximately 750kg, all thundering en masse. The Leo Panthera (Lion), the supreme creatures, in a group of 12 were magnificent to watch. 
Our Group came upon this event late in the day and as the buffalos were aware of their followers, there was no immediate action. The lions know that the buffalos are not to mess around with, unless it is a surprise! But the lions did not give up so easily and were waiting for their chance…
Another special animal for visitors to see is the Leopard – that elusive spotted Cat, Panthera Pardus, as is typical of their behaviour to lie up during the day, and hunt at night. It was on a night drive that the Leopard was “spotted” …….

All in all, the Group was lucky again to see the Big 5, which is always a great thrill for everyone. Of course, the sighting of all wild animals and birds in their natural habitat is a thrill, and a memory never to be forgotten.

It was unseasonably hot for October in the Kruger Park, which seems to fit the fact that 2010 has been the hottest year in recorded history since temperatures etc have been logged!

-Alfie and Sabine

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

1st 'Gehandicaptenreizen' Christening of Epic Guest House

We currently have a great ‘Gehandicapten Dutch Group’ touring with us up in Kruger Park. 
15 fun Hollanders of varying ages had a very enjoyable & happy time with us in Cape Town – and even the weather ended up being kind to them in time for their Table Mountain outing, sunny but cool.
We did so much in their short time in Cape Town with Alfie, including Table Mountain, City centre, Signal hill, Chapmans Peak, Waterfront, Cape Point, Penguin colony, Robben Island, Market, Stellenbosch Winelands and lots more.
Epic Guest House welcomed the whole group of 15 for a jolly Pizza dinner which turned into a real fun evening amidst lots of laughter.
And some of the clients wanted to pack up our newest addition – Shingi, a 3 month old cutest and happiest puppy :)
Their Kruger experience will be updated in the next blog post.

Friday, 24 September 2010

Africa Safari Birthday Present

Thank you Lisa, Wendy & Ian!!! You were such a special Family to have join us for our September Kruger Safari trip.
We were disappointed when the other clients had to cancel on such short notice, as much as they were. And we thought you might also be sad, and to travel in our smaller vehicle!

But you made it such a great tour, with your spontaneous enjoyment, always enthusiastic – your comment about the highlights of the tour being that there were so many, it was not possible to think of only one. That was wonderful to hear.

It was amazing that you said you were apprehensive Wendy before the trip, as you had never been to Africa and didn’t know what to expect. Or how Ian would manage with his wheelchair. Lisa knew what it’s like in the Bush from travelling in Africa before, and as this was a Birthday gift to you Ian, you simply went ahead and loved it. It was so interesting to hear your comment Lisa, that this safari was so different from your other experiences. In a very positive way!
The wide variety of animals you experienced was a great treat – and something which can be taken for granted so easily.  But your appreciation was absolutely marvellous. Especially the thrill you expressed at seeing the Fish Eagle fishing, expecting its catch and then a swoop of another Fish Eagle stealing it! You are truly privileged to experience that. 
Seeing the majestic Sable antelope was one of the many highlights, as well as the graceful Cheetah chasing the Kudu in the game reserve.

We look forward to seeing you out here in South Africa at some future time...

Monday, 23 August 2010

"Better then the Caribbean" - according to Judy!

Ian & Penny MacDonald with their 2 sons, Liam and Calum, Judy Gibson, Frank Beckwith as well as Jennifer Johnson and Maddie Kitching joined our Kruger Safari tour in August…….   

Our August tour clients, as above, enjoyed their Kruger Park visit very much – Ian is really an African, having been born in Sierra Leone and Penny lived in Ghana for a time. They now make their home in the UK, as well as Judy, Frank, Jennifer & Maddie.  So this was a “British” tour this time, most unusual not to have other nationalities in the Group.

Kruger Park served up its wonderful warm days with traditional cool Winter mornings & evenings. No rain at all, so the Game were seen abundant in the Park, and in the Private Game reserve in the Kruger area.
Lion was seen in Skukuza during a morning drive, a wonderful way to start the day, although at a distance! Very exciting was seeing a few Hyena at Crocodile Bridge, and another single Hyena at Tamboti. Leopard was seen, also in Kruger Park, about to spring for an Impala kill, …….. and of course the ever popular Elephants, who endear themselves to us all.  Rhino & Wildebeest were both seen, and enjoyed.

Always so very memorable are the ‘close encounters’ with the Cheetah ‘cubs’ and feeding Jessica the Hippo – these always leave one with a cherished memory and a sense of privilege.

Better than the Caribbean – according to Judy !

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Swiss return...

A pologies for the ‘non postings’ in July… Joshua and I were in Switzerland visiting family and friends. What a wonderful time we had, surrounded by so much positive energy!
Now we are back and ready for action.
August 2010 – already! World Cup long gone, and the countdown to the end of 2010 is only a matter of 4 months.
This has been a momentous year for Epic Enabled – tour clients have now become guests at Epic Guest House. And we have ex-tour clients, repeating the Kruger tour and others also visiting the Guest House during this year.
So the dream is now fully realized...

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Soccer World Cup :)

What an amazing experience!

Cape Town Green Point stadium
11 June 2010
Uruguay v. France

The whole of South Africa is waving a Flag (majority South African Flags :).
It was our (Sabine & Joshua's) 1st Soccer game live - and what an experience. The vibe is incredible and everybody is buzzing! Literally - with all the Vuvuzela's!
We, of course, also contributed to the 'bee hive buzz"!

Hope you are following your team on TV if you are not here :D

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Amanzi (Water) - Room 4:

This spacious room is facing the fishpond & garden, is furnished with a king size bed (can be twin on request) and a comfortable seating area.
The fully accessible en-suite bathroom has all modern conveniences, including a heated towel rail, shaver point, excellent lighting, non-slip tiles, special grab rails, shower seat and complimentary eco friendly bath products.

Intaba (Mountain) - Room 3:

This cosy and comfortable room is the smallest of the guest rooms at Epic Guest House and has a Queen size bed. Other features are a built-in wardrobe, desk and the accessible bathroom is across the passage, right outside the room.
The bathroom has non-slip tiles, a roll-in shower with shower seat, grab-rails and complementary eco friendly bath products.

Enkosi (Thank you) – Room 2 (master / family room)

This spacious room benefits from 180 degree views of Chapman's Peak and the Atlantic Ocean. The room is furnished with a king size bed (can be twin on request), as well as comfortable seating area, with a sleeper couch.
Patio doors lead out onto the stunning Veranda from where the beautiful views, sunsets and wildlife can be enjoyed.

The fully accessible en-suite bathroom has all modern conveniences, including a heated towel rail, shaver point, excellent lighting, non-slip tiles, special grab rails, shower seat and complimentary eco friendly bath products.

Molo (Hello) - Room 1

This comfortable room benefits from great views across the Wetlands & tall trees, all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. The room is furnished with a king size bed (can be twin on request) with comfortable seating area.
Patio doors lead onto the stunning Veranda from where the beautiful views, sunsets and wildlife can be enjoyed.

The fully accessible bathroom is across the passage, right outside the room. Features include non-slip tiles, special grab rails, shower seat and complimentary eco friendly bath products.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Comfy Lounge

Now we are ready for you to relax in our comfy lounge (clutter free with no little rugs or other wheelchair 'bumps' :)

Enjoy the view with a glass of local South African wine...

...or read a good book with a 'cuppa' (coffee or tea :) chilling on the veranda or by the mesmerising fire!


-Alfie and Sabine

Friday, 7 May 2010

Dining area

After a lot of hard work - this is our reward!

Hard to imagine that one could sit here eating a meal...

...now we can offer you
our scrumptious & wholesome breakfasts at our beautiful Mahogany table! The table has ample leg space for wheelchair users :)

More pictures of lounge and rooms coming soon...

Friday, 23 April 2010

April Safari

Alfie has come back from our April tour, with happy reflections from the trip.

Joyce and Peter were very fortunate in their sightings in Kruger Park & Private Game Reserve – to see Leopard more than once is real good luck and very special. Leopards are very shy, nocturnal creatures, so not easy to see. Leopards usually go out hunting at night or dusk. It was suspected that the female Leopard had a den close by with cubs.

There was a lovely sighting of Honey Badger at the camp site in the Kruger National Park. They are considered ‘most fearless animal in the world’ in the Guinness Book of Records and ‘pound for pound the most powerful creature in Africa’.

It was great to be able to see the “Big 5” – Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Buffalo & Rhino being the most sought after wild animals to see. One tends to take it for granted that Africa’s greatest wild animals, the “Big 5” must be seen, but every sighting of a wild animal in its environment is a true privilege. The allure of these magnificent animals is only felt on seeing them in the wild, with a deep feeling of awe and gratitude.

Monday, 19 April 2010

In Memory of Ian & Ala Sussens

There was great sadness at Tshukudu Game Reserve – Ian, who ran the Bush Camp (with his wife Sylvia) and Ala, his mother were both killed in a tragic car accident 2 weeks’ ago. Such a huge loss and sorely felt by Alfie and Sabine, who have known & worked with them for a long time. Their loss will be felt by all who knew them!

Picture of Ian with Savannah the cheetah and one of her cubs

Monday, 12 April 2010

Cape Town Day Tours

Only 59 days to go!!!!! That’s all one hears on the news media right now 2010 World Cup Soccer …… Fortunately, we also have other big things to talk about at Epic Enabled.

Early in April, both Alfie & Sabine did various day tours in Cape Town. Christine & Oliver together with Lyn and a friend so enjoyed their Cape Point tour. The Group then did Cape Town City centre drive as well as a lovely Kirstenbosch tour.

Family Newark joined Christine & Oliver on a very enjoyable Stellenbosch Winelands tour to Spier and surroundings.

Oliver the ‘Shopper’ of course had a great time at the V & A Waterfront !

The Table Mt tour was a “skin of the teeth” happening, because the Cable Car had been closed for 3 days due to very strong winds, and as Sabine arrived with the Christine & Oliver, it opened – especially to welcome them. And this was really just in time, only a couple of hours before their flight back home.

Christine's comment:

Dear Alfie,

Sorry it has taken me nearly two weeks to let you know what a fabulous time Oliver and I had in Cape town. You were a fantastic guide, in hindsight I wished I had booked our safari with you. NEXT TIME. I am pleased we got to met your lovely wife and delightful son. I wish I could afford to come back in October.

Monday, 29 March 2010

On the Road again...

Well 2010 is already flying by so fast. The 1st Kruger Park tour of this year has come & gone – after the first couple of months being very busy moving and Alfie working furiously to get things done to have the Guest House up & running by May – for our 1st guests.

With a lovely family on safari, this trip was somehow very special. So there was Vanna, together with her daughter Roxanne, her son Dan with his wife Kathy and their son Dane from the USA. Miranda joined from London and Gloria & Laurence from Italy.

Miranda had a long awaited wish to spend an “independent” holiday – and she chose Southern Africa with Epic, and it was a wildlife adventure!

The usual special treats of every trip were very much enjoyed – Jessica the Hippo kept everyone very entertained. Very sadly, Savanna the Cheetah is no more – she had matured into a well-known Icon, because everyone loved her, but after a full life, nature took its course. Her 4 cubs have now taken their place of attraction for visitors and entertain our game walk in the bush...

Here are some comments from Miranda & Gloria:



For a REALLY wonderful week.

It already seems like a different life!

AND I got home just before the worst of the BA strike, thank goodness!



PS thank Sabine too


I've been back almost a week and thought I'd finally send some feedback all about our wonderful holiday.

Laurence and I had a great time, we didn't really know what to expect but I would have absolutely no hesitation in booking another Epic tour in the future. Alfie is extremely knowledgeable and informative, in fact the game drives conducted by him were the best and the ones where we saw the greatest number of animals.

He is also good at repairing vehicles, which is definitely an advantage when you are in the middle of nowhere, not to mention that he can put together a tasty meal for a group in no time. I haven't actually seen him doing the washing up, though. Thank you Charles!

All in all I'd say we had good fun, it's been a great experience and the truck and the accommodation were clean and comfortable.

Thank you!

Ciao, Gloria


New photos of the rooms at our Epic Guest House will follow soon - we are just waiting for the final furniture!