Friday, 24 September 2010

Africa Safari Birthday Present

Thank you Lisa, Wendy & Ian!!! You were such a special Family to have join us for our September Kruger Safari trip.
We were disappointed when the other clients had to cancel on such short notice, as much as they were. And we thought you might also be sad, and to travel in our smaller vehicle!

But you made it such a great tour, with your spontaneous enjoyment, always enthusiastic – your comment about the highlights of the tour being that there were so many, it was not possible to think of only one. That was wonderful to hear.

It was amazing that you said you were apprehensive Wendy before the trip, as you had never been to Africa and didn’t know what to expect. Or how Ian would manage with his wheelchair. Lisa knew what it’s like in the Bush from travelling in Africa before, and as this was a Birthday gift to you Ian, you simply went ahead and loved it. It was so interesting to hear your comment Lisa, that this safari was so different from your other experiences. In a very positive way!
The wide variety of animals you experienced was a great treat – and something which can be taken for granted so easily.  But your appreciation was absolutely marvellous. Especially the thrill you expressed at seeing the Fish Eagle fishing, expecting its catch and then a swoop of another Fish Eagle stealing it! You are truly privileged to experience that. 
Seeing the majestic Sable antelope was one of the many highlights, as well as the graceful Cheetah chasing the Kudu in the game reserve.

We look forward to seeing you out here in South Africa at some future time...

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