Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Have you heard the news...

... a ruby anniversary, newcomers and a repeat offender on one tour!

We left on another exciting 8 day Kruger tour on the 6 March with Betty & Lawrence (Ruby 40th) anniversary, Spain/UK), Matt & Paulina (newcomers, UK), Tom & Debbie (agents, Netherlands), Kyle (newcomer, Hungary) & Ben (repeat offender, UK).

Some special occasions on tour:

- We were able to hand over another donated wheelchair to Bhuthu from the local community at the Mafuyani Villa
- Loyal friend Prince showing "Amanza" the 6 month old leopard cub the bush.
- Cuddle with the loving 1 month old lion cub "Akila"
- dominating Chobe (2 year old lion) is as mighty as ever.....
- Savannah was injured by 2 male cheetahs and is enjoying the special treatment & care at the Lodge until she is fit for action again...
- Becky the gentle giant is pregnant and ready to "pop" any day now!
- Breathtaking action when a crocodile grabbed a Zebra at a waterhole
- Lucky sighting of a pack of Wild dogs (15 - 20) on the move
- Snake eagle resting with a snake in the tree
- a repeat in time - Ben and local village boy

It was wonderful meeting you all (and again), you were a great team.
Alfie & Sabine