Monday, 21 September 2009

Eye to Eye - close encounters!

Our September tour brought about some ‘close encounters of the exciting kind’.

Yes it was in fact a thrill, even if somewhat excitingly scary when a BIG bull Elephant tried to charge our indomitable ‘Impi’ safari-truck.

This must surely be why Elizabeth Dixon from the United Kingdom (Britain) was a 3rd time Epic Enabled client – now she is part of the Epic family and promised to come back next year again!

We also welcomed Marie, an experienced traveller from Ireland - always ready with a smile and Joanne & Martin for whom the African bush was a whole new experience.

Then at Tamboti Camp in the Kruger Park, the resident baboon troop chose to disrupt their domestic bliss one night and offered a great performance of strength – which sounded as though a war was taking place. What entertainment!

Of course change happens all the time – at the Private Game Reserve, Savannah’s 3 young cheetah cubs have now reached 7 months affording the chance for our guests to walk with one of the cubs – such a special delight to share with such an elegant ‘Cat’.

The 2 Lion cubs we walk with have changed so much as they are just over 1 year of age, already striding like fully grown animal Kings. Lots of wonderful animal encounters :)