Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Epic's Guest house is...

...coming on beautifully. We are now so excited because it's really looking more and more how we envisioned it to be.


'See-through' fence...
original 'half wall' with no style or privacy...

...and NOW ...the stunning new walls with privacy!

The deck is now "resting" after an intensive week of work
and is becoming "set" to be finished off with tiles....

2 Bathrooms are well on their way with roll-in showers etc and now need finishing touches, shower-seat, grab rails, mirrors etc...

Now Alfie is tackling the 3rd & 4th Bathroom...
1st step: he has removed the inaccessible basins and bath and now we are going shopping for new tiles & fittings :)

keep watching this space...more news coming shortly!

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Epic's own Guest House!

HUGE NEWS !!!!!!
Our dream is happening at last!

Epic Enabled has a guest house in the making – Epic’s Guest House will be ready for you to visit within the next couple of months. We aim to be ready to welcome guests in April 2010 !!!!!!!!

Now, many of you will know how much we have spoken about this ‘dream’ – to have fully accessible accommodation to welcome all our Epic clients. This House will be 100% totally accessible for all wheelchair users – garden, pool, braai area, complete access to get into the house.

So we have decided to keep you informed as we go along – you can see the different rooms and bathrooms, as we complete them! You will feel like you are sharing each stage of development with us, and hopefully enjoy the excitement we are feeling as we see the next task done.

Inside there will be a very comfortable lounge with a TV room – there will be a view out overlooking the pool and garden below.

The dini
ng area will be close to the kitchen, and all open plan to add to a congenial and chatty atmosphere.
There will be 4 rooms to start with (eventually 5 rooms)

Herewith a couple of pictures in different stages up till now...

7 Wolf Power Close - Noordhoek -
The house as we bought it in November 2009,
after lots of winter rains. No landscaping done, just grass with a lot of weeds. This is where we saw our dream of an Epic Guest House become reality!

Our new house welcomed the New Year in with newly dug out areas to begin to create the future landscaped gardens. And now some shape is starting to show - extended outdoor living with protected pool and braai (barbecue) place. On the right front side of the picture is a wetland planned. Very exciting for watching the variety of local birds!

Here is the NEW deck and underneath rooms - taking great shape and this will no doubt become the hub of Summer visits, lounging around the cool pool.

The drive way/entrance used to look like this...
...Now you can see the change here.
We are so pleased to have a great new wall & fencing - it's beginning to feel like a place where we can be private and homely for you too. Plants with colourful blue/mauve flowers will soon appear! Fragrant herbs will also grow alongside a pathway down towards the pool.

The fish-pond base where our ~16 Koi fish will soon find a new home.

Watch this space for the updates...