Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Epic Guest House video!

Jan & Hanneke, from http://vakantie-gehandicapten.blogspot.com, stayed with us at the Epic Guest House from the 19 - 25 November and did some great video recordings for us! Thank you so much!!!
Here are the great shots of our Epic Guest House:

Just click on the arrow to play the video :) 

-Alfie and Sabine

Saturday, 27 November 2010

November 2010 …….. can this really be possible? So 2011 is around the corner already!

Judging from our November Kruger Park clients’ comments, it seems they were able to forget how fast time moves these days, leave their regular lives behind, and soak up every bit of their Bush holiday.

Ruud, Roos & Nine from Holland wrote: “This was a very, very cool vacation we all liked it. You are really in the bush and very close to the animals. And Alfie and other people are very good in explaining a lot of things about the animals. We learnt a lot. We also like the houses were we slept. A really African interior and it was wheelchair friendly. And the food was really nice! Alfie cooks fantastically and he helps you a lot.
In 3 words: A GREAT HOLIDAY!!!”

It’s so wonderful when clients enjoy the Wildlife during the tour – it’s not too often one sees Wild Dog and Hyena with their cubs, a real treat. 

Sandra & Keith from the UK said: “Tour Highlights: for both of us meeting and interacting with the cheetahs was amazing!
The whole tour start to finish was brilliant. Alfie is a great tour guide and the way he deals with the handicapped members of the group is fantastic.
The Kruger Park game drives were great. We saw Wild-dog, Lions, Elephants, White Rhino, Warthogs, a Lion with kill, Hyena with cubs, Giraffe, Buffalo, and the list goes on……
The second part of the tour at Tshukudu, where we spent the time on game drives, interacting with different animals like the cheetahs and a tour to see the leopard and lion which was amazing.
Tshukudu camp itself is a beautiful place.   *EXCELLENT* ”

Alfie’s food is very popular according to the clients, so we see him as the Bush Chef of note …..as Debbie & Colin from the UK write:
“Highlights: Spending time with such lovely people and see so much amazing wildlife.
We have been on some wonderful holidays but nothing compares to this. The whole system worked perfectly, from the minute we were met a the airport, the welcome, the accommodation, the wildlife we saw, the places we visited and the wonderful people we met and hopefully will stay in touch with long after the holiday ends. The most amazing encounters with king cheetah, caracal and lion at such close range will stay with us for ever. Alfie was so organized & efficient and his food was great.”

The maxim of “If you think you can’t do it, think again” has to be the most rewarding feedback, Margaret & Wendy from the UK tell us:  “Highlights: Everything, animals, staff, fantastic experience, great bunch of travellers.
Whatever your disability you can do everything on this holiday beyond your wildest dreams. If you think you can’t do it, think again. If you aren’t disabled it is an inspirational holiday!”

Jan & Hanneke from Holland write: “Highlights: An elephant pushing over a tree, a baby elephant almost entering Tshukudu coming to check out me in my wheelchair

Just a short notice to tell you guys we are back in Holland.

Jan is very busy making your movie from the guesthouse. It will take a few days before he is finished. I am busy writing on my Blog (http://vakantie-gehandicapten.blogspot.com/) about our experience and have mentioned your name and both your websites.
We have had a perfect holiday. We loved South Africa and being with you guys. To see how you run tours and the guesthouse. Everyone has his own way of doing things but you take the effort to make guests feel at ease and at home. You do a hell of a job. So thank you very much for this perfect stay in South Africa.
In case you would like stay with us in the future just let us know. You are welcome at all times. And we like to meet you guys again in the future wherever this will be.
Regards, Hanneke and Jan”

What a lovely mix of travellers together on our November trip – Thank you all for enjoying Epic Enabled’s & Epic Guesthouse’s hospitality