Thursday, 18 March 2010

Bathroom 2 with accessibility aids!

Hi all,
We finished our en-suite bathroom of the Master (family) room.

The shower is spacious and has a fold up shower chair (or our commode can also be used:), extendible shower head, & grab-rails.
Lots of turning space in the bathroom with non-slip tiles for your safety. A 'swivel-bath' seat is available.
A large 'wheel under' sink, a toilet with drop-down grab-rails and a small sink close to it for your convenience!
We do have another drop down grab-rail for the other side of the toilet but it feels like you are on a throne! So we left it off for now but we can add it any time for you! Just let us know when you are coming :)

More updates coming soon.....

-Alfie and Sabine

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